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Particle cosmology conference (17 December 2018)

This week, I will be at a particle cosmology conference. The conference is at my home school, University of Nottingham, the perfect venue for such an engagement with our Particle Cosmology Group hosting some fantastic researchers.

I will be attending, especially focused on my ongoing research and studies in string theory, particularly the string landscape and swampland conjectures. I haven’t written much about my ongoing research activity on the swampland conjectures, though I have made a note to do so. There is certainly a lot to be said about these matters, and certainly a lot of work to be done. I also have plans to write a wider series of posts on string theory as part of my particle physics blog.

It remains to be said that for these reasons I am super excited for Eran Palti’s talk on the “cosmological aspects of the string theory swampland”. Palti recently published a paper with Cumrun Vafa, Gary Shiu, Hirosi Ooguri titled “Distance and de Sitter conjectures on the Swampland“, which I am looking forward to reading.

Additionally, Susha Parameswaran’s engagement on “runaway quintessence and the swampland” also sounds promising.

Perhaps if I have time I will write a follow-up post reflecting on the talks. Meanwhile, for anyone interested, visit the above link and also watch for my post next post on the string landscape and swampland conjectures.